The smart Central Ring Road witnessed first connected vehicle

The recent tests were carried out on the smart Central Ring road using a proprietary V2X device by the Telematika Corporation. The integration allows connected cars to communicate and receive input from the road infrastructure. The technology will help drivers and unmanned vehicles prevent accidents, reduce traffic jams and travel time.

Smart and safe roads of the future are becoming reality in Russia with the V2X (Vehicle-To-Everything) technology. A connected car equipped with V2X solution developed by Mosobltelematika (part of the Telematika Corporation) successfully drove for the first time along the Moscow Central Ring road. The road is unique in Russia due to a new generation automatic traffic control system, it features a technology for interaction with unmanned vehicles.

The V2X technology enables the road infrastructure to push speed limit warnings, traffic alerts, navigation hints and other information to the connected cars. The information is displayed on cars’ screens so that the drivers could use it, while unmanned vehicles receive commands and autonomously make decisions on the response. The technology informs drivers in advance about accidents and other events on the road and helps reduce their response time. This is especially important on highways at high speeds, in winter and challenging climatic conditions, when every fraction of a second counts.

“The future, in which cars react to the traffic situation, communicate with each other and with the road infrastructure making driving safer and more convenient, has already arrived. Today, the Central Ring is the smartest road in Russia with the infrastructure capable of interacting with transport, and our system was tested on it. This is the first demonstration of Russian V2X equipment on real public roads in Russia. 14 different scenarios were successfully completed: accidents, appearance of people on the road, traffic jams, roadworks, poor visibility, slippery roads and others. Also, V2X has been successfully tested at the test site for interacting with autonomous vehicles on an unmanned truck,” commented Marcel Nigmetzyanov, General Director of the General Operator.

“Modern highways can and should be technological. Roads can help you navigate the environment, give commands, improve safety, reduce deaths and injuries in road accidents. Advanced technologies for cars and for creating smart road infrastructure are already available: we have developed a world-class device on a domestic stack that meets the international standards and is in line with the import substitution program. Very soon, the second key element of the V2X system – our road base stations – will also be tested,” said Gennady Kupinsky, General Director of Mosobltelematika.

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