Intelligent Transport Systems Increase Safety on Roads in Stavropol Krai

Rostelematika company (part of Telematika Corporation) is implementing intelligent transport systems (ITS) in Stavropol Krai. The ITS analyze road conditions and manage traffic flows in real time, which increases the efficacy of the existing infrastructure and ensures the safety of all road users.

The fleet of vehicles grows annually in Stavropol Krai, which increases road usage and the number of traffic jams and undermines traffic safety. Integrating ITS in the city infrastructure will reduce the number of traffic accidents and congestions, balance the traffic, and automate traffic management processes.

As part of the Safe Quality Roads national project, more than 4,307 km of public roads will become part of the ITS in Stavropol and six regions of Stavropol Krai, where 54 traffic lights will be upgraded and 3 variable-message signs will be installed. Also, 5 subsystems will be implemented which simulate and prognosticate traffic intensity and monitor the observance of the traffic rules.

The ITS have been specifically designed to cope with current and future needs as part of the comprehensive development of the Stavropol Krai road infrastructure. The ITS will automatically detect accidents and other emergencies on the roads in order to speed up the emergency response and to redistribute traffic flows thus improving safety of all road users.

“The project is multi-phased and the intelligent transport systems have already proven themselves useful and have helped reduce the number of traffic jams, redistribute traffic flows, and lessen the load on certain sections of public roads. For example, the throughput of one of the roads has already increased by 16%. The further expansion of the ITS in the region will open new opportunities both to increase the mobility of the population, and to improve the transportation infrastructure,” said Dmitriy Tselikov, General Director of Rostelematika (part of Telematika Corporation).

Rostelematika is implementing ITS in 21 regions in Russia, including Krasnodar Krai, Republic of Buryatia, and Samara, Voronezh, and Kirov Oblasts. When implementing the project, the company focuses on the use of Russian equipment and computer soft- and hardware.