Telematic Systems

Transport and Logistic Digital Platform

NTS is a globally operating provider of cutting-edge traffic telematics solutions which are in demand within Russia and CIS countries, Asia and Latin America
The group of companies are providing reliable, fast country-scale solutions for all stages of building and deployment of innovative telematics products for the transportation and logistics industries
R&D laboratories
Microelectronics factory assembling the chipsets designed by proprietary blueprints
Manufacturing facilities
Expert software developers and data scientists
System architects leading large-scale integration projects
24/7 multilingual customer support
With All the expertise and resources at hand, NTS is able to meet technological challenges implementing highly customized projects of any scale at City, State and Country Level

Platforms & Technologies

We are continually researching and developing Innovations in transportation bringing the most advanced technology to market
Toll Collection
Transportation Systems
High Performance
Railway Management
i-Cargo & Smart
Unmanned Vehicles

Where We are


NTS International

Vyatskaya St, 27, building 3,
Moscow, Russia, 127015

Tel.: +7 499 653-84-12