Russian technologies to provide free-flow tolling on the new M-12 highway

Russian engineers have achieved great success in substituting foreign free-flow tolling equipment and software with their domestic analogues on highways country. The Free Flow tolling system, currently being implemented on the M-12, is a fully Russian project.

The smart Central Ring Road witnessed first connected vehicle

The recent tests were carried out on the smart Central Ring road using a proprietary V2X device by the Telematika Corporation. The integration allows connected cars to communicate and receive input from the road infrastructure. The technology will help drivers and unmanned vehicles prevent accidents, reduce traffic jams and travel time.

Russia can see driverless locomotives in the coming years

Computer vision-enabled self-driving switch engines can come to Russia’s railway yards in the next few years. Telematika Corporation (formerly National Telematic Systems) has already tested this technology and is on track to launching its commercial production.

Russian vendors witness demand on automatic cars diagnosis systems globally

Russian vendors and manufacturers of intelligent transport systems observe the interest of foreign countries, in particular, Serbia and India, in solutions in the field of automatic diagnostics of the condition of freight cars and automation of railway stations’ operation, Alexander Ovlashenko, General Director of Trans-Telematika (part of the Telematika), told RIA Novosti.

"National Telematic Systems” Group was transformed into the Telematika Corporation

The leading ITS developer in Russia, NTS has completed the main stages of corporate business restructuring. Along with structural changes and introduction of the corporate management system, a rebranding was carried out, which more accurately reflects the current extensive activities of the companies that are part of the Group


“NTS" Group implemented the first project of automatic weight and dimension control on the roads of Indonesia

Kazan-Telematika along with Soft Telematika (part of the National Telematic Systems holding) launched a project of automatic weight and dimension control (Weight in Motion, WIM) of cargo vehicles in Indonesia. The system has started collecting statistics of violations, which will help the country's authorities to form the necessary regulatory framework and successfully implement the national program to fight overloaded vehicles.


Solutions of the Telematika solve the tasks of the transport industry in the context of import substitution

On May 31 – June 1, 2022, Telematika Corporation took part in the Forum of Road Initiatives "Innovative Technologies and Intelligent Transport Systems in Road Construction", organized by Avtodor Group.

“NTS" Group presented its solutions at the Made in Russia exposition at EXPO-2020 in Dubai

National Telematic Systems Holding, the largest international developer and Russian leader of solutions in the field of intelligent transport systems, took part in the World Expo 2020 in Dubai.

The national E-seal operator of the Kyrgyz Republic has chosen a Russian technological solution

The Association of International Road Carriers of the Kyrgyz Republic (AMAP KR) signed a contract for the use of software and electronic navigation seals developed andproduced by the companies of NTS group.  

Kazan-Telematika presented its own developments to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan

President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, as part of the international forum Kazan Digital Week 2021, visited the exhibition exposition of Kazan-Telematika company (part of National Telematic Systems corporation) and got acquainted with the company's developments.
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